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Automatic Honey Extracting line - Basic version




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A new, better line for uncapping and centrifuging honey.

From this season on, the Konigin brand offers an improved line for honey centrifuging. This device offers impressive possibilities for improving the efficiency of honey harvesting. It also separates honey from cappings wax, filters this golden product and the design of the tank allows you to connect a pump with a fluid level sensor to pump the purified honey into the containers at the beekeeper's disposal.

What's new?

The first of the novelties is the pneumatic slice ejector. It is an additional option to the line in the basic configuration. This device takes the patches from the body and places them on a hanger from which they are moved to the feeder of the automatic uncapping machine. Electronic solutions for temperature control of heated line elements, such as uncapper knives or a honey filtering tank, are also new. Finally, the controller that manages the operation of the horizontal honey extractor has been improved. Now handling this line component is even faster and simpler than before.

What does the line consist of?

The mentioned frame ejector (deboxer) is the first element. Then the slices taken out of it go to the automatic uncapping machine, where they are deprived of the cap. This one ends up in an extruder with a capacity of 200 kg / ha. The honey recovered from it goes to the filtering decanter, which can optionally be heated. The uncapped slices are automatically moved to the loading track with a length adapted to the size of the line. Then they are manually or pneumatically loaded into the horizontal honey extractor. These devices may have different capacity, i.e. 44, 60, 80 or 100 Hoffman frames in 4 equal sections. In the case of plain frames with a straight side strip, this capacity can be increased even more. After centrifugation, the load is pushed onto the receiving frame, from which the emptied frames go back to the bodies. It is worth noting that in the option equipped with an ejector, it is the body, not a single slice, that is the minimum unit used by line operators.

Device parameters

Importantly, most of the devices included in the line are powered by 230V. The pump may be an exception. The purchase of this device for three-phase current is more cost-effective, but requires an appropriate installation in the workshop. The length of the smallest line is only 460 cm and the lid of the honey extractor reaches 190 cm after opening. This is the highest element of the set. For comfortable use of the device, the manufacturer recommends leaving a min. 1 m free space. The capacity of the described set of machines operated by two people is 32 standard bodies per hour.

Who is this equipment dedicated to?

The described line, which offers the automation of the processes of removing the combs and re-packing them into the bodies after emptying the honey, uncapping, separating the honey from the cappings wax, filtering and pumping it into any container on the farm's equipment, is an option for medium and larger apiaries. It combines two very important advantages - it is made of solid material and at the same time it is extremely attractive in terms of price. Its purchase will quickly pay off in apiaries with 100 bee colonies and more. This is a reliable option for professionals who value their time and the high quality of the devices they use on a daily basis.

The basic version of the line includes:

K1077 - Automatic uncapper with a 2-meter loading track. Manually operated loading track connecting uncapper with horizontal honey extractor.

K1079 - Capping extruder with a capacity of 200 kg / h.

K1096 - Honey filtration tank with two vertical screens and two partitions to separate the wax from the honey. Combining uncapper with honey extractor (160L)

K1164 - 44 frame horizontal honey extractor max. frame height (B) 185 mm

+ Collection path for centrifuged slices.


- Honey filter tank with two vertical screens and two partitions to separate the wax from the honey. Combining uncapper with honey extractor (160L), heated. No. ref. K1234

- Pneumatic loading track. No. ref. K1240

- Pneumatic frame ejector - deboxer. No. ref. K1568


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Automatic Honey Extracting line - Basic version

Automatic Honey Extracting line - Basic version

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