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Kaptárlift Professional Hive lifter AWD



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Kaptárlift Professional  Hive lifter AWD:

This is the most advanced option. The device has it’s own drive. Autonomously lifts and lowers hives, their parts, buckets, hobbocks and other beekeeping gadgets. The holders can cover and secure objects with a width of 38 cm to 70 cm during movement, so the device is compatible with any hive system used in Poland. It also does not matter what material it is made of. The beehive lift itself is made of galvanized steel, very solidly designed and constructed. The maximum speed reaches 6,5 km/h. The device lifts loads to a height of 107 cm. It is also equipped with the option of self-loading on the car when you need to transfer it to another place. It’s weight is 54 kg. The lithium-ion battery allows for 4 hours of continuous work, and the recharge time is 6 hours.

Kaptárlift Professional  Hive lifter AWD parameters:

Max. Speed: 6.5 Km / h
Operating time: 4 hours
Charging time: 6 hours
Enclosure size: 38-70cm
Lifting height: 107cm
Load capacity: 100kg
Dimensions: 167cm x 68.5cm x 48cm
Wheel size: 4.80 / 4.00- 8 
Total weight: 54kg
Surface: galvanized


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Kaptárlift Professional  Hive lifter AWD

Kaptárlift Professional Hive lifter AWD

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